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Theophile CANET
b. abt 1813 - d. 1851



Robert Canet

Robert CANET
b. 25 Apr 1845 - d. 9 Aug 1936




b. 1808 - d. 19 Jun 1895


Henry Vincent Canet

Henry Vincent CANET
b. 10 Oct 1878 - d. 9 Feb 1953





b. abt. 1816 - d. 10 Jun 1892



Elizabeth Ann Montgomery

Elizabeth Ann MONTGOMERY
b. 25 Jul 1859 - d. 1948




Elizabeth Ann SANDILANDS
b. 15 Jul 1829 - d. 25 Nov 1903

Leslie Henry CANET
b. 12 Jul 1919 - d. 26 Dec 2001






Hamilton Lewis O'DONNELL
b. abt. 1810 - d. 20 Nov 1865



Hamilton Lewis O'Donnell

Hamilton Lewis O'DONNELL
b. 13 Oct 1847 - d. 8 Mar 1920




Emily Jane TODD
b. abt. 1810 - d. 22 Dec 1887


Cecile May O'Donnell

Cecile Alice May O'DONNELL
b. 15 Jan 1897 - d. 25 Jul 1984





Edward BROWN
b. abt. 1832 - d. 1911



Annie Brown

b. 14 Jul 1854 - d. 6 Sep 1940




b. abt. 1832 -


As with most families, this branch of my family has all sorts of family stories associated with it. The ones I've been told are:

  • That the family had some sort of connection to arms manufacturing in the south of France in the early 19th century. And that an ancestors was disowned from this family for some transgression. This may have come about due to some link to Gustave Canet, the late 19th century munitions designer.
  • The family is connected to some titled family (this one may have a grain of truth, see the O'Donnell and Hamilton families).
  • That the founding ancestor of the family in Australia deserted the Navy (Portuguese) and was on the run in Australia.

Leslie Henry CANET (1919 - 2001)

Leslie Henry CanetLeslie Henry Canet was born in Shepparton, Vic, Australia on the 12 July, 1919, eldest son of Henry Vincent CANET and Cecile May O'DONNELL. He spent his early life in the Fitzroy and Brunswick areas of Melbourne, Vic where his father owned and operated a bicycle manufacturing business.














Henry Vincent CANET (1878 - 1953)

Henry Vincent CANETHe was born 10 Oct 1878 in Tallygaroopna, Vic, Australia, and died 09 Feb 1953 in Fitzroy, Vic, Australia.


He married (1) Alice Cassandra BARTLETT 1907 in Tallygaroopna, Vic, Australia, daughter of John BARTLETT and Cassandra GREY. She was born 1884 in Branholme, Vic, Australia. They had one child named Ernest CANET but both mother and child died. Henry's second family did not know much about the first family other than he had kept his first wife's favorite hat (it had flowers around the brim) and a small photo of his son. It was about 10 years after his first wifes' death before he remarried. Searches have been conducted of all deaths from 1854-1980 for Canet. There is no entry for any wife or child.


He married (2) Cecile Alice May O'DONNELL on 2 Oct 1918 in Shepparton, Vic, Australia, she was the daughter of Hamilton Lewis O'DONNELL and Annie BROWN. She was born 15 Jan 1897 in Bunbartha, Vic, Australia, and died 25 Jul 1984 in Qld, Australia.

Henry Canet played for Tallygaroopna Football Club over many years. There are two team photos from 1907 and 1908 which feature Henry. In the photo from 1907 he is the one behind the man in white, he has a mustache. His brother, Bert ( Albert) is also in the photo. Henry also loved to play cricket and played for Shepparton.


Henry also was a builder/carpenter for a time. He had a Service Station in Shepparton and was the local motorcycle machanic. Family lore says there was an outbreak of scarlet fever in Shepparton and Henry drove the local doctor to all of his calls, as he was one of the few who owned a car. Later they had a Deli in Carlton, Melbourne.By 1924 the family had moved to 442 George St, Fitzroy, where Henry is listed as a cycle manufacturer. In 1931 the family are living at 88 Cecil Street, Fitzroy. Henry remained at this address until his death in 1953.


In the 1920's he also owned the Bluebell Cycle shop and possibly built bikes for Malvern Star. Between 1923 to 1928, Henry is listed in the Sands & McDougall Postal Directories as a “cycle manufacturer” at 431 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. His business was on the corner of Brunswick & Cecil Street’s.

During his time in Fitzroy, he also had a run in with the law!!:


"The Argus, 5 June 1925


Buyer Under Age


'An unusual case was heard at the Fitzroy Court on Thursday, when Henry Canet, of the Blue Bell Cycle Works, Brunswick street, Fitzroy, was charged with having, on or about May 6, sold two air rifles to a person under the age of 38 years. Mr. D. Grant, P.M., and Mr. A. Rosen, J.P., were on the bench.


George Buchanan Robertson, schoolboy, said:- My brother and I visited Canet's shop and asked for two Daisy air guns. He asked us whether we had our parents permission, and sent us back for a note. We obtained a note and gave it to him, and he let us have the two guns. We paid 8/6 each for them.


Mr. J. Carroll, who appeared for Canet, said that his client had acted in ignorance of the regulations. He had expected to find the regulation in the Firearms Act, but had found it in the latest amended Police Offences Act. He thought that many shopkeepers were ignorant of this regulation.


Mr. Grant said that he believed that Canet had acted in ignorance of the law. A fine of 40/ was imposed."

Tallygaroopna Football Club, 1907

Cecile Alice May O'DONNELL (1897 - 1984)

Cecile Alice was born on the 15th Jan, 1897 in Bunbartha, Vic, Australia. She was a twin, her sister was Evelyn Victoria O'DONNELL. There parents were Hamilton Lewis O'DONNELL and Annie BROWN. She married Henry Vincent CANET on 2 Oct 1918 in Shepparton, Vic, Australia. It was her first marriage, and his second, his first wife having died soon after giving birth.


In 1919 she is living in Corio St, Shepparton, Vic, Australia, at the same period, her husband is listed as living in Wyndham St, Shepparton. I don't know why they were at separate addresses. By 1924 both have moved to 442 George St, Fitzroy, where Henry is listed as a cycle manufacturer. She lived her until at least 1953, the year of her husband's death.


At some stage she moved to Queensland, where she died on 25 Jul 1984.


The children of Henry CANET and Cecile O'DONNELL are:

  • Leslie Henry CANET, b. 12 Jul 1919, Shepparton, Vic, Australia; d. 26 Dec 2001, Caloundra, Qld, Australia.
  • Gladys Evelyn CANET, b. 06 Jun 1920, West Brunswick, Vic, Australia.
  • Myra Doreen CANET, b. 11 Oct 1923, North Fitzroy, Vic, Australia; d. 13 Oct 1980, Heidelberg, Vic, Australia.

Robert CANET (1845 - 1936)

Robert Vincent CANETRobert Canet was born 25 Apr 1845 in St George Hanover Square, Middlesex, England, and died 09 Aug 1936 in West Brunswick, Vic, Australia. He was dark blonde with vivid blue eyes.


He was christened at St Mary-St Marylebone on the 7 Mar 1847 (at the same time as his brothers). On the day of 30th March, 1851 he was staying with Hugh and Louisa Cunningham's family at 4 Hanover Place, Camberwell, Surrey, England. He relationship to the family is listed as visitor and his occupation is scholar.


On 7 April, 1861 he is listed with his mother and brothers as living at 22 Lorrimore St, St Mary Newington, Lambeth, Surrey. As in the previous census, he is listed as a scholar.


Family lore has it that he came to Australia around 1863 aboard the HMS Camperdown. He supposedly jumped ship when it landed in Port Phillip Bay with Edward Cumming, 32; Robert Webster, 18; Benjamin Kerward, 21; and David Cook, 18. The Camperdown was 945 tons under master Charles Hodder, which left London 20th Nov, 1862 and arrived in Melbourne on the 7th March, 1863. Robert was engaged as ordinary seaman and was previously employed by the Athenias, sailing from St Johns to Bremerhaven where he was a discharged on 22 June 1862.


Once he had jumped ship, he went to the goldfields. I'm not sure how active they were in the 1860's. While on the goldfields he used the name Robert O'Brien CANET (this name is used on the birth certificate of his daughter, Honorina Catherine CANET).


Little is known of the ten years he lived in Australia before he married Elizabeth Ann MONTGOMERY on the 28th May, 1878 in Mooroopna, Vic, Australia. She was the daughter of John MONTGOMERY and Elizabeth Ann SANDILANDS.


The family were active in the local community. On the 17th Aug, 1889 a petition was signed by a number of townspeople arguing for a school to be establised at Tallygaroopna. Robert CANET (occupation contractor) signed as the father of five children, who lived two miles from the current school.


In 1903 he is living in Tallygaroopna with Elizabeth and his occupation is listed as a labourer on the local electoral roll.


In 1906 the school was again a cause for concern with another petition being sent to the Minister of Public Instruction requesting the that school room and the accomodations of the local school be enlarged. This petition was signed by E. CANET (married woman).


Between 1914 and 1919 he and Elizabeth were living at 30 Smith St, West Brunswick, Vic. Robert is retired by this time. They moved to 53 Burnell St, West Brunswick, Vic around 1921 and were still there in 1931 and later at the time of Robert's death in 1936.


Misc Lore

  • He went to school for a while in Portugal and was heard speaking portugese in his old age.
  • Father called Theophilus on Robert's death cert. Penn was also the undertaker. Also called Theophilus on his marriage certificate.
  • They moved to Burnell Street around 1921. I have a photo that was most likely taken for their 50 wedding.
  • Would place his feet into the opening of the wood stove in the kitchen during the winter months and doze off.
  • Had property out of town (Tallgaroopna) but unsure of where.



In 1888 the town Tallygaroopna was also known as Coldwellton for a time. This may show on same records. Also on the pioneer records same births where registered as Tallagorco, also Talagaroopna this was Tallygaroopna. Town belonged to the parish of Congupna some records will be under this as well. St Lukes honor rolls has J.Canet and R.G. Canet Listed. The Church closed in 1955. Robert CANET was listed in his own handwritting as being a contractor on the 1890 petition for a new school. Around 1911 Robert and Elizabeth moved into town.



Camperdown HMS (1885) 1213, 1214, 1215, 1306, 1307 pages pictures of ship, in History of Ships, no author Vol 1& 2, published circa 1972-1975. Located New English Library, England. Apparently his crew record is housed at the Maritime Museum, Labrador, Canada. There are two ships bearing the name 'Camperdown' was built 1860 New Brunswick, Master T. Cameron, owners W. Rome Liverpool. Tons 1244, length 197.7, width 37.8, depth 22.9. In 1863 she also sailed from Liverpool to India.


Elizabeth Ann MONTGOMERY (1859 - 1948)

Elizabeth Ann MONTGOMERYElizabeth Ann MONTGOMERY was born on the 25th July, 1859 at Duck Pond Creek, Vic, the daughter of John MONTGOMERY and Elizabeth Ann SANDILANDS.


In 1906 while the family were still in Tallygaroopna, Elizabeth signed a petition asking for improvements to the local school buildings.


Elizabeth was still chopping her own wood well into her 80's. She would walk into the city from Burnell Street, West Brunswick. Grandma would give the grandchildren scolded cream and lamingtons when they visited them at Burnell Street.


The children of Robert CANET and Elizabeth Ann MONTGOMERY are:

  • Henry Vincent CANET (b. 10 Oct 1878, Tallygaroopna, Vic, Australia; d. 09 Feb 1953, Fitzroy, Vic, Australia)
  • Elizabeth Ann CANET (b. 13 Jul 1880, Yuilima, Vic, Australia; d. 08 Jul 1955, Seymour, Vic, Australia)
  • Honorina Catherine CANET (b. 1882, Shepparton, Vic, Australia; d. 13 Jun 1883, Shepparton, Vic, Australia)
  • Albert Nelson CANET (b. 1883, Shepparton, Vic, Australia; d. 07 Dec 1955, Windsor, Vic, Australia)
  • Rose Honorine CANET (b. 1885, Tallygaroopna, Vic, Australia; d. 1965, Kyabram, Vic, Australia)
  • Robert George CANET (b. 1886, Tallygaroopna, Vic, Australia; d. 11 Oct 1956, Heidleberg, Vic, Australia)
  • Violet CANET (b. 1888, Tallygaroopna, Vic, Australia; d. 1889, Shepparton, Vic, Australia)
  • Daisy CANET (b. 1889, Tallygaroopna, Vic, Australia; d. 02 Jul 1986, Preston, Vic, Australia)
  • John CANET (b. 1891, Tallygaroopna, Vic, Australia; d. 30 Jun 1969, Kew, Vic, Australia)
  • Honorine Renee CANET (b. 1893, Tallygaroopna, Vic, Australia; d. 1979, Murray Bridge, SA, Australia)
  • Charles CANET (b. 08 Sep 1895, Tallygaroopna, Vic, Australia; d. 11 Feb 1978, MacLeod, Vic, Australia)
  • Jessie Grace CANET (b. 1898, Tallygaroopna, Vic, Australia; d. Jul 1974, Brunswick, Vic, Australia)
  • Pauline Isabelle CANET (b. 1899, Tallygaroopna, Vic, Australia; d. 09 Oct 2001, Melbourne, Vic, Australia)

Hamilton Lewis O'DONNELL (1847 - 1920)

Hamilton Lewis O'DonnellHamilton Lewis O'DONNELL was born on 13 Oct, 1847 in Omagh, County Tyrone, Ireland. His parents were Hamilton Lewis O'DONNELL and Emily Jane TODD. On his birth record, his surname is spelt O'DONNEL.


Some time after his father's death in 1865, his mother and his siblings came to Australia in 1872, arriving in Port Henry, Corio Bay, Vic, Australia.


On the 11th Mar, 1872, he married Annie BROWN in Geelong, Vic, Australia. After spending some time in the Mount Moriac, Vic, Australia area, where the firest two children were born, the family moved to Shepparton, Vic, Australia were the next two children were born. After that, it was off to Nine Mile Creek, where the next five children were born. Their final children, twin girls were born at Bunbartha, Vic, Australia. The family were then based around the Shepparton/Mooroopna area.


In 1903, Hamilton is listed as living at Tallyagaroopna, Vic, Australia, where his occupation is listed as "village settler". He then works as a farmer until 1914 where he is listed as undertaking home duties. In 1919, the year before his death he is listed as a pensioner living at Clive St , Shepparton, Vic, Australia. He was still at this address when he died on 8 Mar, 1920.


On the various Electoral Rolls where he is listed, his name is spelt as Hamilton Louis O'Donnell. There are other's on the rolls who spell their names as Hamilton Lewis O'Donnell. This person is presumed to be the child of one of our Hamilton Lewis O'Donnells' siblings ie a nephew.

Annie BROWN (1854 - 1940)

Annie BrownAnnie was born on 14 July, 1854 in Relessy, County Tyrone, Ireland. Her parents were Edward BROWN and Elizabeth ABERNEATHY. She married Hamilton Lewis O'DONNELL on 11th Mar, 1872. It is believed that her father disapproved of the match, and disowned her. She is not named on his death certificate as one of his children.


In 1903, Annie is listed as living at Tallyagaroopna, Vic, Australia, with her husband. In 1914 she and her husband are located in Bunbartha, Vic, Australia. . In 1919, she living at Clive St , Shepparton, Vic, Australia. From 1924 until at least 1936, she is living at 4 Miller Ave, Shepparton, Vic, Australia. At the time of her death on 6 Sep, 1940 she was living at the home of her daughter, Mrs E Earle, at 81 Corio St, Shepparton, Vic, Australia.


The children of Hamilton Lewis O'DONNELL and Annie BROWN are:

  • Emily Jane O'DONNELL, b. 14 Apr 1873, Mt Moriac, Vic, Australia; d. 1952, Mooroopna, Vic, Australia; m. Edwin BRANSON, 1892, Geelong, Vic, Australia.
  • Charlotte Marie O'DONNELL, b. 05 Aug 1876, Shepparton, Vic, Australia; d. 1950, Shepparton, Vic, Australia; m. JOHN BRANSON, 1899, Shepparton, Vic, Australia.
  • Albert Edward O'DONNELL, b. 08 Mar 1879, Shepparton, Vic, Australia; d. 1959, Benalla, Vic, Australia; m. Nellie RIDDLE.
  • Edwin James O'DONNELL, b. 12 Aug 1881, Shepparton, Vic, Australia4; d. 1971, Morroopna, Vic, Australia; m. May Lillian DAVIS, 1902, Mundoona, Vic, Australia.
  • George Lewis O'DONNELL, b. 15 Aug 1884, Nine Mile Creek, Vic, Australia; d. 1956, Mooroopna, Vic, Australia; m. Mary SPRAKE, 1911, Mundoona, Vic, Australia.
  • Edith Rebecca May O'DONNELL, b. 22 Dec 1885, Nine Mile Creek, Vic, Australia; d. 18 Oct 1919, Mooroopna, Vic, Australia.
  • Maud Mary Adelaide O'DONNELL, b. 08 Jan 1888, Nine Mile Creek, Vic, Australia; d. 1977, Mooroopna, Vic, Australia; m. Edward EARLE, 1910, Shepparton, Vic, Australia.
  • Annie Lillian Victoria O'DONNELL, b. 08 Feb 1890, Nine Mile Creek, Vic, Australia; d. 1972; m. Harry TREVASKIS.
  • Robert John Bruce O'DONNELL, b. 06 Jul 1892, Nine Mile Creek, Vic, Australia; d. 1969, Echuca, Vic, Australia; m. Violet DUNN.
  • Daisy Ethel O'DONNELL, b. 10 Mar 1894; d. 1977, Mooroopna, Vic, Australia; m. Mark GORMAN, 1914.
  • Cecile Alice May O'DONNELL, b. 15 Jan 1897, Bunbartha, Vic, Australia; d. 25 Jul 1984, Qld, Australia.
  • Evelyn Victoria O'DONNELL, b. 15 Jan 1897, Bunbartha, Vic, Australia; d. 1929, Melbourne, Vic, Australia; m. Ernest TOMKINS, 23 May 1917, Shepparton, Vic, Australia.

Zacharie Théophile CANET (1813 - 1851?)

Notice - Teophille Canet and Richard James Barrow, London Gazette

Notice from the London Gazette - 16th June, 1843

Zacharie Théophile CANET or Zacharias Theophile CANET as he appears in English records. He was born in about 1813 in France. We have no details of any specific location. His father was called Bertrand, Bertram or Bernard CANET, who was a linen cloth merchant.


One of the earliest records we have for Theophile is on the 1841 England Census where he is listed with his wife, Margaret (Turnbull) and is listed as being a Tailor. They are living at Frith St, St Anne Soho, Middlesex. Theophile and Margaret were married by banns on 18 Jan 1841 at St Annes Church, Westminster, London.


At the time of their son Roberts' birth in 1845, the family were living at 63 South Molton Street, St Georges Hanover Square, Middlesex. At the time of the next census on 30 Mar 1851, the family are living at 8 Air St, Westminster St James, Middlesex. Sometime after the recording of the census, Theophile dies.


There are severel listings for Theophile CANET in various commercial directories for Londong. In 1848, Theophilus Canet and Thomas Canet are listed as Tailors, at 29 Duke St. In 1852 the London Post Office Directory for "Theophilues Canet, tailor, 6 Air Street, Piccadilly".


The family story is that he caught yellow fever from a bolt of cloth imported from Brazil and went to Lisbon to recover but he and one son, Theophile, died there. But this doesn't align with the records. There is an English death record for the son, Theophile, but no record for Theophile senior.

Notice from the London Gazette - 4th June, 1844


There aren't records of major yellow fever outbreaks in London during this period. However, there are major outbreaks during this period in Lisbon. Is it possible that the family was there and that is where he caught the disease and died. And upon his death, the family came back to England? But why would he be travelling with all his family?


I think it's more likely that Theophile was in Lisbon on a business trip, caught the disease and then died. I've checked the overseas deaths index but can't find anything.


Another possibility is that nothing health related happened to him, he may have lost his money and simply deserted the family and returned to France.


Margaret TURNBULL (1808 - 1895)

Margaret TURNBULL was the daughter of Algernon Robert TURNBULL and Margaret Ann MORGAN. Algernon married Margaret Ann MORGAN, daughter of John MORGAN and Ann, on 17 Apr 1796 in St Marylebone, St Mary Marylebone Road, London. Algernon and Margaret TURNBULL lived at the York Buildings, St Mary Newington, Surrey, England in Jun 1841, with Algernons' occupation listed as appraiser. They would have been in their 50's when their daughter Margaret was born.


After he husbands death, the family appear to have "gone down in the world", with their next recorded address in 1861 at 22 Lorrimore St, St Mary Newington, Lambeth, Surrey where they are sharing the residence with at least one other family. Margaret is also listed, for the first time, as having an occupation - Sempstress. In 1871 Margaret is living at 3 James St, Lambeth living with her son, Thephile and two girls. The girls are listed as her daughters but are called Josephine and Sopia Darling, both dress makers? Perhaps boarders who were misrecorded?


In 1881 Margaret is again living with her sons, Theophile and Philip, this time all as boarders at 2 Grosvenor Terrace, Newingston, Lambeth. Margaret is listed as an Ecclesastical Embroiderer, Philip as a mathematical instrument maker and Theohile as a painter.


Her final address is in 1891 at 2 Albert Terrace, Camberwell, London. She is listed as a Retired Ecclesiastical Embroiderer. Her son, Theophile is living at 1 Albert Terrace with his family.

Their children include:


Catherine Honorine CANET (1841 - 1909)

Catherine Honorine CANET was born on the 30 Oct 1841, Westminster, Middlesex, England. She was christened on 23 Nov 1841 at St Anne Soho, Westminster, London, England. By the age of 9, in 1851 she was living as a boarder of John and Elizabeth Wise, who were listed as Headmaster and Headmistress. The address, Belle Vue House, Waterloo Place, Hastings had several children living there, four were the children of the Wises’ and two, including Catherine were boarders.

By 1861 she is working as a general servant, however, it is in the house of a School Mistress, Louisa Cunningham at 3 Delamere Street, Paddington. She may have used this position as an occupational stepping stone. This would seem to indicate that she had some education but was forced to work as a servant. Perhaps the family fell on head times after the death of her father? It seems there is some ongoing connection with the Cunningham family. In the 1851 Census, her brother Robert CANET is listed as a vistor in the home of Hugh and Louis CUNNINGHAM at 4 Hanover Place, Camberwell. Ten years later, Honorine is working in the same house as a servant.


The next we hear of Catherine, who by now is using her middle name, Honorine, is in the 1881 Census where her occupation is listed as a Teacher of Languages. She is living alone at 155 Oxford Rd, Habergham Eaves, Burnley, Lancashire.


By 1891 she is listed as a Teacher Languages & Piano Forte and is living with her mother Margaret and her sister Margaret, at 2 Albert Terrace, Camberwell in London, just near her brother, Theophile and his family, at 1 Albert Terrace and in 1901 she is again living on her own, in a sole residence at 13 Denmark St, Lambeth as a Teacher of Music and Languages.

Philip CANET (1847 - 1917)

Philip CANET was born 05 Feb 1847 St Marylebone, London, England. In March 1851 he is living with his family at 8 Air St, Westminster St James, London. By the 1861 Census he is living 22 Lorrimore St, St Mary Newington, Lambeth, Surrey, England and is listed as an apprentice. I have been unable to locate Philip CANET in the 1871 Census, by 1881 he has finished his apprenticeship and is listed as a Mathematical Instrument Maker living at 2 Grosvenor Terrace, Newington, Surrey, England.


He again goes missing for another census until 1901 where he has moved and is now living in 3 Bay Tree Cottage, Wyk Regis, Dorset, England. His profession is listed as Scientific Engineer. His name is spelt "Phillip" in this census. He died on the Weymouth, Dorset, England. He married at some stage, to a lady named Sarah. I'm unaware of any children, but they would probably have left home by the 1901 Census.

Theophile CANET (1849 - 1916)

Theophile CANET was born in March, 1849 in St Georges Hanover Square, Middlesex, England. On the 30th March, 1851 he is living with the rest of the family at 8 Air St, Westminster St James, Middlesex, England. During the 1861 census, he is living at 22 Lorrimore St, St Mary Newington, Lambeth, Surrey, England with his mother and brother Philip. He is listed as a Scholar. In 1871 he is at 3 James St, Lambeth, London, England with his profession listed as decorator. He seams to be the only one to not pursue higher level education or training.


In 1881 he is living at 2 Grosvenor Terrace, Newington, Surrey, England, back with his mother and brother with his profession given as Painter. In 1891 he is at 1 Albert Terrace, Camberwell, London, England, next door to his mother at 2 Albert Terrace, Camberwell, London, England. By this time he is married to Hannah BENNETT. They have three children, Margaret 14, William 6 and Elizabeth 4. His occupation is listed as Painter.


In 1901 Theophile and his family are living at the address previously occupied by his mother, 2 Albert Terrace, Camberwell, London, England. With him are his family, including wife and children William and Elizabeth. Margaret has married to George H BOVETT. They have a baby daughter, Margaret is under one month old. Also in the house is Theophiles' sister, Margaret who profession is now listed as Silk Maker.


Theophile died on 29 Apr 1916.


Margaret CANET (1851 - 1907)

Margaret CANET was born in 1851 in St James, London, England. In the 1861 census she is listed with the family of uncle Arthur Willesley TURNBULL at 95 Beresford St, St Mary Newington, Southwark, Surrey, England.


In 1871 she is living at Hyde Garden's Clarendon Village, Eastbourne, Sussex, England. This appears to be some sort of small boarding school. The Head of the household is Mary B Jenkins, a Schoolmistress and her sister, Emma Jenkins also a school mistress. All other occupants of the house are female boarders or teachers, governess or scholars. Margaret may be been sent here not only to get an education but to be trained as a teacher. She is listed as a Boarder with profession as Scholar. She has the last column of the census ticked (Death and Dumb, Blind, Imbecile/Idiot or Lunatic).


I've been unable to locate her in 1881 - love to hear from anyone who has.


In 1891 she is living at 2 Albert Terrace, Camberwell, London, England with her mother. She is listed as a Teacher Languages & Painting Music. In 1901 she is still living at 2 Albert Terrace, Camberwell, London, England but the home now appears to belong to her brother, Theophile. Her profession has also changed to that of Silk Maker.


Margaret died in Sep 1907 in Camberwell, London, England.

John MONTGOMERY (1816 - 1892)

John MONTGOMERY was born in 1815-1816 in Killaugh, Downpatrick, County Down, Ireland and died on 10 Jun 1892 in Tallygaroopna, Victoria, Australia. While he was born in Ireland, the family came from Aberdeen, Scotland. When he came to Australia, he originally settled in the Geelong area where he worked in a blacksmiths and stables. After his married to Elizabeth Ann Sandilands on 22 August, 1849 at Geelong they moved to Tallyagaroopna where he took up farming and was one of the pioneers of the area. A transcription of his will is available on this site.

Elizabeth Ann SANDILANDS (1829 - 1903)

Elizabeth Ann SANDILANDS was born on 15 Jul, 1829 at Harrow On The Hill, Middlesex, England. The daughter of James Sandilands and Margaret WILKINSON. On 7 Jun 1841 she is living with her family at Harrow On The Hill. There is no record so far of when Elizabeth came to Australia. It appears her sister, Margaret and her eldest brother, James, came to Australia on the Himalaya in 1842. She arrived in Australia some time before 1849, when she married John MONTGOMERY on the 22 Aug 1849 at Geelong, Vic, Australia. By 1878 the family had moved to Tallygaroopna, Vic, Australia where she died on the 25th Nov, 1903. A transcription of her will is available on this site.



  • Graham Wilkinson MONTGOMERY, b. 1850; d. 1851.
  • Henry Graham MONTGOMERY, b. 1852; m. Evaline CRAFTER.
  • John Graham MONTGOMERY, b. 1854; m. Eliza EDWARDS, 04 May 1904, Prahran, Vic, Australia; b. 1857, London, England.
  • James Sandilands MONTGOMERY, b. 17 Feb 1857, Barr, Vic, Australia; d. 14 Mar 1857, Barrabool Hills, Vic, Australia.
  • George Bowen MONTGOMERY, b. 30 Jan 1858, Duck Pond Creek, Vic, Australia; d. 02 Apr 1858, Duck Pond Creek, Vic, Australia.
  • Elizabeth Ann MONTGOMERY, b. 25 Jul 1859, Duck Pond Creek, Vic, Australia; d. 1948, West Brunswick, Vic, Australia.
  • George Stewart MONTGOMERY, b. 04 May 1862, Duck Pond Creek, Vic, Australia; d. 23 Oct 1944, Numurkah, Vic, Australia; m. Mary Ellen MARCUS, 09 Jul 1890; b. 1869, Mooroobal, Vic, Australia; d. 24 Jun 1967.
  • Thomas Teer MONTGOMERY, b. 1867, Mt Moriac, Vic, Australia; d. 22 Jun 1954, Sunbury, Vic, Australia; m. Doris PAMPHILON, 1928, Ivanhoe, Vic, Australia.
  • William Clarkson MONTGOMERY, b. 04 Sep 1868, Pyreete, Vic, Australia; d. 12 Jul 1929, Numurkah, Vic, Australia.
  • Jne MONTGOMERY, b. 20 Dec 1870, Mt Moriac, Vic, Australia; d. 23 Feb 1946, St Kilda, Vic, Australia.
  • Robert Nelson MONTGOMERY, b. 26 Oct 1872, Mt Moriac, Vic, Australia; d. 22 Jul 1956, Shepparton, Vic, Australia; m. Fanny Gertrude SANDILANDS, 1906, Shepparton, Vic, Australia; b. 1883, Shepparton, Vic, Australia; d. 24 Aug 1956, Shepparton, Vic, Australia.

Hamilton Lewis O'DONNELL (1810 - 1865)

Hamilton Lewis O'DONNELL was born in about 1810 in Omagh, County Tyrone, Ireland. He was the son of James Lewis O'DONNELL and Sarah Gantley/Gwendoline Amelia HAMILTON who were both from Killybegs, County Donegal, Ireland. He had some education as in 1826 he is working in the Aughaleague areas as Schoomaster. Considering the social status of his mother and the occupation of his father (estate manager), he would likely have received a good education from them, if no formal education was undertaken. On 31 Dec, 1837 at the timee of the birth of his oldest son, he is still in Omagh, but now working as a grocer. By 26 May, 1846 he has moved to Gortmore, County Tyrone and is making a living as a farmer. By the time of the birth of his fourth son, he has changed professions again and is working as a writing clerk in Gortmore. In 1863 his name appears in the Omagh Almanac & Street Directory, 1863, as a Clerk of Union for the Omagh Poor Law Union. On the 20 Nov, 1865 he died in Gortmore, County Tyrone, Ireland.

James Lewis O'DONNELL (1770 - bf. 1855) was born in approximately 1770 according to a letter from his great grandson, in 1937. He was said to have graduated from Dublin University School of Mines before then going to work for James Hamilton of Fintra Hall, to work as his estate supervisor. He married Sarah (Gantley/Gauntlet/Gwendoline) Amelia HAMILTON, daughter of James. James did not approve of the marriage (either because James was Catholic or because is he "help" or probably both!) and Sarah was disowned. At either the time of their marriage, so soon after, Sarah and James O'DONNELL moved to Omagh in County Tyrone. It is not known when James died, but it is before 1855.


His name (James Lewis) suggests that one side of his ancestry was Scottish. While many of the landed Scottish Planters were Protestant, many of the Lowland Scottish labourers who accompanied them were Catholic. This would suggest that perhaps James' mother was of Scottish Catholic stock and his father of Irish Catholic stock. His children with Sarah were raised in her faith, Church of Ireland.


Sarah (Gantley/Gauntlet/Gwendoline) Amelia HAMILTON (1775 - 1855) was the daughter of a landholding family, the Hamilton's of Fintra (Fintragh). Her father was James HAMILTON and mother, Elizabeth JOHNSTON (although this is yet to be confirmed, there is some doubt about the identity of James Hamilton's wife, it is possible there is more than one, the other possibly Lucy MORRISON). She moved to Omagah, County Tyrone. She lived there until her death on 17th Feb, 1855.


From "The Tyrone Constitution" 23 February 1855:

"At Gortmore, near Omagh, on the morning of the 17th inst., at the house of her son, Mr. H.L.O'Donnell, Sarah O'Donnell, youngest daughter of the late Mr. James Hamilton, of Fintragh, in the County Donegal, in the 85th year of her age."

Sarah’s name is given as Sarah Gantley/Gaunlet Amelia HAMILTON in various sources. The G names sounds quite odd. I believe it might be Gwendoline/Gwendolyn. One family legend is that the O’Donnell’s are related to someone called a Lady Gwendoline Hamilton. This might be how this legend came about.


However, I’ve also found someone looking for Sarah Gwendoline Amelia Hamilton O’Donnell. I believe this may be the daughter of the Hamilton Lewis O’Donnell born in Tyrone who moved to Australia in the 1850’s. On her children’s birth certificates, she uses a variety of names, including Sarah Gwendoline Amelia Hamilton O’Donnell. So either she might be using a variation of her grandmothers name or this is where this name came into family lore.

Emily Jane TODD (1810 - 1887)

Emily Jane TODD was born in about 1810 in Omagh, County Tryone, Ireland and died on 22nd Dec, 1887 in Nine Mile Creek, Vic, Australia. She married Hamilton Lewis O'DONNELL some time around 1837. After his death, she and and a number of her children moved to the Shepparton area of Victoria, Australia with one, Irwin going at some time to New Zealand. They arrived in Port Henry, Corio Bay, Vic in 1872.


Children of Emily TODD and Hamilton Lewis O'DONNELL are:

  • Richard Willis O'DONNELL, b. 31 Dec 1837, Omagh, County Tyrone, Ireland; d. 1907, Shepparton, Vic, Australia.
  • Annie Jane O'DONNELL, b. 1840, Omagh, County Tyrone, Ireland; d. 28 Dec 1915, Shepparton, Vic, Australia.
  • William O'DONNELL, b. 1840, Omagh, County Tyrone, Ireland.
  • Thomas O'DONNELL, b. 26 May 1842, Omagh, County Tyrone, Ireland; d. 01 Sep 1910, Shepparton, Vic, Australia.
  • Irwin O'DONNELL, b. 06 Apr 1845, Omagh, County Tyrone, Ireland; d. 07 Jan 1920, New Zealand.
  • Hamilton Lewis O'DONNELL, b. 13 Oct 1847, Omagh, County Tyrone, Ireland; d. 08 Mar 1920, Shepparton, Vic, Australia.
  • Margaret O'DONNELL, b. 1849, Omagh, County Tyrone, Ireland; d. 20 May 1864, Omagh, County Tyrone, Ireland.
  • Amelia O'DONNELL, b. 1851, Omagh, County Tyrone, Ireland; m. EDWIN JONES, 01 May 1873, Geelong, Vic, Australia.
  • John James O'DONNELL, b. 1854, Omagh, County Tyrone, Ireland; d. 1920, Boort, Vic, Australia.

Edward BROWN (1832 - 1911)

Edward BROWN was born in 1832 in County Tyrone, Ireland. He married Elizabeth ABERNEATHY on the 18th Mar, 1851 in Cookstown, County Tryone, Ireland. He had at least one child with Elizabeth before she died some time after 1854. Sometime after her death, he came to Australia and settled in the Geelong, Vic, Australia area. There he met and married his second wife, Rebecca LINN (daugter of Henry LINN and Ann JOHNSTONE) from Country Fermanagh, Ireland. Rebecca and Edward had eight children between 1865 and 1880. At some stage he had a falling out with his daughter Annie, possibly over her marriage and she was never acknowledged by him after this falling out. He was said to have had substantial land holdings around the Geelong area.


Children of Rebecca LINN and Edward BROWN are:

  • Margaret BROWN, b. 1865, Paraparap, Vic, Australia; d. 1865.
  • Mary BROWN, b. 1867, Mt Moriac, Vic, Australia.
  • James BROWN, b. 1869, Mt Moriac, Vic, Australia; d. 1869, Paraparap, Vic, Australia.
  • Isabella BROWN, b. 1870, Mt Moriac, Vic, Australia.
  • Rebecca BROWN, b. 1872, Paraparap, Vic, Australia.
  • William BROWN, b. 1874, Winchelsea, Vic, Australia.
  • Edward BROWN, b. 1876, Winchelsea, Vic, Australia; d. 1947, Geelong, Vic, Australia.
  • Sarah BROWN, b. 1880, Winchelsea, Vic, Australia.

Elizabeth ABERNEATHY (1832 - ?)

Elizabeth ABERNEATHY was born around 1832 in County Tryone, Ireland. Her father was Hugh ABERNEATHY, a farmer. The witnesses to the marriage were William ABERNEATHY and William BROWN. She died some time after 1854.

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