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Antonio Carlo MADDALENA
b. 25 Jan 1825 - d. 4 Mar 1878



b. Jan 1870 - d. 14 Jun 1936






b. 19 May 1839 - d. 23 Jun 1920


Albert Vincent WILKES
b. 22 Mar 1902 - d. 17 Sep 1973







Thomas Frederick WILKES
b. 29 Apr 1823 - d. 5 Jan 1896



Mary Louisa WILKES
b. 12 Jan 1874 - d. 31 Dec 1938






Susannah Phillipa GREGORY
b. 29 May 1837 - d. 10 Feb 1906

Gwendoline Mary WILKES
b. 21 Oct 1927 - d. 8 Oct 1989








Cornelius FREEMAN
b. 1826 - d. 1894



b. 1858 - d.






b. 1830 - d.


Mary Elizabeth FREEMAN
b. 18 Jan 1905 - d. 3 Apr 1981










b. 1861 -d. bf 1911






b. 1832 -



Gwen CanetGwendoline Mary WILKES (1927 - 1989)


Gwendoline Mary WILKES was born in Kempsey, NSW, Australia on the 21st Oct, 1927.


The original name on her baptism certificate is Gwendoline Mary MADDALENA.




















Albert Vincent WILKESAlbert Vincent WILKES (1902 - 1973)


Albert Vincent WILKES was born 22 Mar 1902 in Stuart's River, NSW, Australia, and died 17 Sep 1973 in Evans Head, NSW, Australia. He married Mary Elizabeth FREEMAN on the 22 Nov 1926 in West Kempsey, NSW, Australia. She was the daughter of James FREEMAN and Alice BROWN. She was born 18 Jan 1905 in Beddau, Llantrisant, Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales, and died 03 Apr 1981 in Evans Head, NSW, Australia.


During his adult life, he went by two names - Alfred MADDALENA and then Albert Vincent WILKES.


From what I've been able to work out, he was the son of Mary Louisa WILKES (dau of Thomas Frederick WILKES and Susannah Phillipa GREGORY) and possibly Louis Napoleon MADDALENA. On his marriage certificate, Louis Napoleon MADDALENA was listed as his father.


However, at some stage shortly after the birth of my grandmother (Gwendoline Mary WILKES 21 Oct 1927 Kempsey, NSW, Australia) he changed his name from Alfred MADDALENA to Albert Vincent WILKES and had his childrens names changed as well.


He was born 22 Mar 1902, before Mary and Louis were married in 1907. So both he and Clarence William (b. 1897) appear to either (i) have different fathers to her other children or (ii) have Louis as father but out of wedlock/before Mary and Louis married.


Mary Elizabeth FREEMANMary Elizabeth FREEMAN (1905 - 1981)

Mary Elizabeth FREEMAN was born on the 18th Jan, 1905 in Beddau, Llantrisant, Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales and died on 3rd April, 1981 in Evans Head, NSW, Australia.


I have been unable to discover when and how she came to Australia.


She married Albert Vincent WILKES on the 22 Nov 1926 at West Kempsey, NSW, Australia.





Louis MADDALENA (1870 - 1936)

Louis Napoleon MADDALENA, born Jan 1870 in Taree, NSW, Australia; died 14 Jun 1936 in Kempsey, NSW, Australia. He was the son of Antonio Carlo MADDALENA and Mary Ann WOOTTON. He married Mary Louisa WILKES 1907 in Taree, NSW, Australia. It appears as though Louis had some run ins with the law. He was fined in 1909 and 1911 for being drunk. He served in World War 1, enlisting on the 30th Sept, 1916, he was 44 years old at the time. On his enlistment papers, his occupation is listed as carpenter. He was in the 53rd Battalion, 8th Reinforcement. He sailed to England on board the Suevic on 11 November 1916. He was discharged in late 1917 due to his age and asthma. He returned to Australia aboard the HMAT Runic, for home service. He may have previously served in the Boer War.


Mary Louisa WILKES (1874 - 1938)


Mary Louisa WILKES, born 12 Jan 1874 in John's River, NSW, Australia she died 31 Dec 1938 in Grafton, NSW, Australia. She was the daughter of Thomas Frederick WILKES and Susannah Phillipa GREGORY.

James FREEMAN (1858 - ?)


James FREEMAN, born 1858 in Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales. He was the son of Cornelius Freeman and Mary. He married Alice BROWN. In 1891 James is listed as being at the home of his mother and siblings (38 Park St, Llantwitfardre, Glamorgan, Wales) even though he is listed as married and his is working as a puddler. On 31st March 1901 his occupation was listed as quarry labourer. Residence on the 18th Jan 1905 Beddau, Llantrisant, Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales.


Alice BROWN (1861 - 1926)


Alice BROWN, born 1861 in Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales; died 1926. She was the daughter of Helen BROWN. Alice’s death date is not known but she was listed as deceased on her daughter’s marriage certificate from 1926. In 1881 she is living with her mother and was working as a dress maker. In 1891, even though she is married, she is not with her husband on the night of the census. During the 1901 census, James and Alice are at the family home at 41 Danygraig St, Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales.


Antonio Carlo MADDALENA (1825 - 1878)


Antonio Carlo MADDALENA was born on 25 Jan 1825 in Gordevio, Ticino, Switzerland and died 04 Mar 1878 in Manning River, NSW, Australia. He was the son of Sylvestro Inncenzo MADDALENA and Maria GIORGI. He married Mary Ann WOOTON 12 Oct 1864 in Wingham House, NSW, Australia. He arrived on the 23 Oct 1854, on the "Mindoro" in Victoria.


Mary Ann WOOTTON (1839 - 1920)


Mary Ann WOOTTON, born 19 May 1839 in Manning River, NSW, Australia and died 23 Jun 1920 in Mitchell's Island, NSW, Australia. She was the daughter of Thomas WOOTTON and Mary O'DONNELL.

Thomas Frederick WILKES (1823 - 1896)


Thomas Frederick WILKES was born 29 Apr 1823 in London, England and died 05 Jan 1896 in Moorland, NSW, Australia. He was the son of Thomas John WILKES and Ann TAYLOR. He married Susannah Phillipa GREGORY 31 Jan 1855 in Dungog, NSW, Australia. Thomas arrived with his family aboard Lady Raffles on 12 September 1839. The voyage left Plymouth 13 May, 1839. He was a bounty immigrant.


Immigration record states, " a native of London whose calling was a gentleman's servant, could read and write, protestant religion, in good health; also stated that his mother was aboard and that she was under 40 years of age." Ann was certainly over 40 years at that time, but it is the only indication that she was on the ship. Immigration records for William Henry and Thomas Frederick only survive; records for the rest of the family have been lost.

Susannah Phillipa/Philp GREGORY (1837 - 1906)


Susannah Phillipa/Philp GREGORY, born 29 May 1837 in Pimlico, London, England and died 10 Feb 1906 in Stewart's River, NSW, Australia. She was the daughter of Hezekiah GREGORY and Susannah Philp INCH. Susannah arrived in Australia as a bounty immigrant with her parents on the 29th August, 1841 in Botany Bay, NSW aboard the Globe. Name is spelt as Greggory on the ships records. Was Church of England by faith.

Cornelius FREEMAN (1826 - 1894)


Cornelius FREEMAN, born 1826 in Londonderry, Ireland; died 1894 in Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales. He married Mary. On 02 Apr 1871, James is living in 16 Park Row, Treforest, Glamorgan, Wales and is working as collier (coal miner).




Ellen PHILPOTT (1838 - ??)

Ellen PHILPOTT was born in Kanturk, County Cork, Ireland in 1838. In 1861 she married James BROWN.



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