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I've discovered that there are alot of people researching the family of Thomas John WILKES and Ann TAYLOR who settled in the Upper Hunter around Dungog and whose family stayed in this area but also lived in the Manning River area. So I thought I would make a page where people could put their contact details and interests up so that people can make contact.


If you would like to be added to the page please email me: michelle@webcon.net.au with the following information:

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Thomas John WILKES (1793- 1884)

Thomas John Wilkes, born 08 Jul 1793 in More, Shropshire, England; died 06 Aug 1884 in Bandon Grove, NSW, Australia. He was the son of Jospeh Wilkes and Elizabeth Richards. He married Ann Taylor 20 May 1816 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England.


In 1839 Thomas was victualler at Bunch of Grapes pub at 69 The Ratcliffe Highway, London. When his daughter, Susan, was baptised by the Rev. John Stedman at St. Chad's, Shrewsbury on the 5 May 1817, their address was given as Mardol, and Thomas' occupation was described as huckster. When his next four children were baptized at St. Saviour's Cathedral, Southwark, London his occupation was described as labourer.


He came to Australia as a bounty immigrant aboard the Lady Raffles which left Plymouth on the 13th May, 1839 and arrived in Sydney, NSW on the 12th Sept, 1839. He took up farming on arrival.

Ann TAYLOR (1792 – 1850)

Ann Taylor, born 10 Aug 1792 in More, Shropshire, England; died 1850 in Dungog, NSW, Australia. She was the daughter of Robert Taylor and Dorothy Atcherley.

Children of Thomas WILKES and Ann TAYLOR are:

  • i. Susan Taylor Wilkes, born 03 May 1817 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England; died 25 Aug 1818 in London, England.
  • ii. William Henry Taylor Wilkes, born 11 Feb 1821 in London, England; died 27 Feb 1860 in Newcastle, NSW, Australia; married Flora McKinnon 16 Sep 1851 in Chichester River, NSW, Australia; born 1828 in Isle of Skye, Scotland; died 05 Oct 1904.
  • iii. Thomas Frederick WILKES, born 29 Apr 1823 in London, England; died 05 Jan 1896 in Moorland, NSW, Australia; married Susannah Phillipa/Philp Gregory 31 Jan 1855 in Dungog, NSW, Australia.
  • iv. Robert John Wilkes, born 1825 in London, England; died 28 Jan 1881 in Dungog, NSW, Australia; married (1) Eleanor Susan Welch 07 Jul 1865 in Paterson, NSW, Australia; born 1847 in England; died 12 May 1867 in Ivy Cottage, Bandon Grove Dungog, NSW, Australia; married (2) Ann Maria Cocking 1871 in Dungog, NSW, Australia; born 1812 in Hampshire, England; died 1914 in Dungog, NSW, Australia; married (3) Elizabeth Ann Saxby 03 Sep 1851 in Dungog, NSW, Australia; born 25 Mar 1834 in Branston Fen, Lincolnshire, England; died 16 Jul 1863 in Dungog, NSW, Australia.
  • v. Jane Elizabeth Wilkes, born 29 Nov 1829 in London, England; died 12 Aug 1915 in Dungog, NSW, Australia; married James Haggarty 15 Mar 1847 in Paterson, NSW, Australia; born in Bannon, County Wexford, Ireland; died 26 Apr 1894.
  • vi. Edward Wilkes, born 17 Apr 1834 in London, England; died 13 Jan 1928 in Cabbage Tree Island, NSW, Australia; married Margaret McMillan 02 Nov 1857 in Myall Creek, NSW, Australia; born 08 Sep 1841 in Dungog, NSW, Australia; died 10 Jul 1919 in Taree, NSW, Australia.
  • vii. John Wilkes, born 23 Sep 1837 in London, England; died 1910 in NSW, Australia.
  • viii. Sarah Wilkes, born 1842 in NSW, Australia; died 1914 in Marrickville, NSW, Australia.

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